Advantages and disadvantages of PPC, PVC, PPR three pipes

Update:06 Mar 2020
PVC pipe—Polyvinyl chloride pipe can be used for water supply and drainage systems. PVC pipe connection is glued for easy installation, but because of its hard texture, PE and PPR pipes are easier to crack and have poor heat resistance. The cost of PVC-C pipe with good heat resistance is very high.

PVC pipe use: Mainly suitable for house electric wire pipes and drainage pipes.

Advantages and disadvantages: The advantages are mainly high cost performance, simple construction, light weight, and reduced construction trouble. Disadvantages are relatively thin thickness, poor resistance to pressure and high temperature.

PPR pipeline use: Mainly suitable for water supply pipes and hot water pipes of houses.

Advantages and disadvantages: advantages cost-effective, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, environmental protection and health, safety does not harm the human body. The disadvantage is that the construction is troublesome, hot melt construction is needed, and the price is more expensive.