How to use PVC double-acting ball valve

Update:22 Feb 2020

PVC chemical valve is a main accessory to control the flow of media on chemical pipelines. For specific principles and structural cross-sectional views, refer to relevant material books. The valve consists of the valve body, the opening and closing mechanism, and the valve cover.

PVC chemical valve function

1. The opening and closing effect blocks or communicates the fluid flow in the tube;

2.Adjustment function adjusts the flow and velocity in the tube;

3. Throttling effect causes a large pressure drop after the fluid passes through the valve;

4. Other functions a. Active opening and closing b. Maintaining a certain pressure c. Resistance to steam drainage

Variety of PVC chemical valve

1, according to use: cut-off valves, regulating valves, diverter valves, check valves, safety valves;

2, according to work hard: he uses the valve, automatic action valve.

The names of PVC chemical valve review before use include:

1. Whether there are defects such as trachoma and cracks inside and outside the valve;

2. Whether the joint between the valve seat and the valve body is strong, whether the valve core and the valve seat match, and whether the sealing surface is defective;

3. Whether the connection between the valve stem and the valve core is maneuverable, whether the valve stem is tortuous, and whether the thread is damaged or corrupted;

4. Whether the packing and gasket are aging and damaged;

5. Whether the valve is opened smartly and so on.

Common problems of PVC chemical valve

1. Flange and thread leakage at the connection with the pipeline;

2. Leakage of packing culverts, leakage of lumbar pads, and inability to open the valve stem;