Operation requirements for PVC pipes in summer and winter

Update:06 Feb 2021

Summer PVC pipe decoration conditions

Due to extreme weather phenomena such as too high temperature, too dry or too much rain and too humid often occur in summer, it has never been considered a good season for home improvement. In fact, as long as you pay attention to some important matters in summer construction, quality problems can also be avoided. The following aspects cannot be ignored in the selection of materials:

(1) In order to meet the requirements of indoor environmental protection, indoor decoration materials must be used indoors, so the radioactivity and volatility of the materials should be paid special attention to avoid harm to the human body.

(2) It should meet the requirements of decoration function.

(3) Should conform to the overall design idea.

(4) Should meet economic conditions.

Indoor materials are further divided into five types: PVC wood grain sheet solid wood, board, sheet, profile, and wire. In the decoration budget, the solid material is in cubic units.

Winter PVC pipe decoration conditions

It is recommended that all construction units must strictly follow the requirements of the PVC floor construction process during the floor construction. Do not blindly rush the construction period and ignore the construction conditions. The winter PVC floor construction must meet the conditions: special attention should be paid to prevent poor construction during the low temperature period. The reasons are as follows:

1. The ground is wet and not sufficiently dry;

2. The ground temperature is low, and it is difficult for the ground decoration materials to adhere to the ground sufficiently;

3. Affected by temperature, the curing speed of the adhesive is relatively slow. In order to prevent peeling, it must be repeatedly rolled with a pressure roller.

4. The strength of the cement will be greatly reduced after construction, so it is necessary to check whether the hardness is sufficient;

5. The temperature near the entrance and doors and windows is relatively low. It is necessary to check whether the minimum temperature requirement is reached in advance, and to avoid ground construction with poor insulation measures.

6. Store the adhesive and floor decoration materials in a warm place before construction, which can restore the elasticity of the packaging impression of the floor decoration materials, which is also very good for the ease of construction performance of the adhesive.