What is the main difference between PVC-U pipe and PVC-C pipe

Update:11 Jan 2020
There are differences in appearance. PVC-C cable pipes are generally yellow and orange, while PVC-U drainage pipes are generally white.

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The two applications are different. PVC-U drainage pipes are generally used for drainage and sewage, while PVC-C is used for buried communications.
PVC-U is also called UPVC, rigid polyvinyl chloride. The advantages are high strength, high rigidity and hardness, good electrical insulation, good chemical stability, self-extinguishing, low water absorption, easy bonding, and easy paint. The disadvantages are poor toughness and limited by weather conditions. Wide range of applications, commonly used in pipelines, pumps, valves, seals, bearing retainers, portable lighting housings (auto repair), brush industry, Bowden wire, dental appliances, seat strips, drilling mud core sleeves, Light box covers, etc.
PVC-C is also called CPVC, perchloroethylene. PVC-C pipe has a wide range of applications. Its excellent properties such as heat resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, and smoke suppression are used to transport high-temperature corrosive media. Therefore, the product of industrial PVC-C pipe was firstly used Used in chemical industry, such as chlor-alkali industry, smelting industry, petroleum industry, paper industry, etc.