What is the standard size of plastic pipe valves

Update:10 Oct 2020

Comparison of standard sizes of plastic pipeline valves: Plastic pipeline valves DN and British NPS are in a semi-understood state that many friends have always been in. Today, we will provide you with a detailed comparison of the standard size of plastic pipeline valves. More precise options play a key role. The role of Shanghai Huanqi Plastic Piping Co., Ltd. mainly provides national standard metric acid and alkali resistant plastic pipes and valves, and also provides British NPS acid and alkali resistant plastic pipes and valves. It has an indispensable position in acid and alkali resistant plastic pipe valves. Qi plastic pipeline valve has become the leading brand of industrial pipeline system,
Plastic pipe valve specification representation:
Plastic pipe valve notation "Φ" and "DN" are generally used to indicate diameter, the difference is: "Φ" identifies the diameter of an ordinary circle, or the outer diameter of a plastic pipe multiplied by the wall thickness, such as: Φ25×3 identifies the outer diameter 25mm, plastic pipe with a wall thickness of 3mm; "DN": Identifies the nominal diameter of plastic pipes and valves, which are usually close to the inner diameter. It is a standard term established for engineering installation. Φ means the outer diameter, and DN means the inner diameter DN: Nominal diameter Ф: The outer diameter of pipes is generally in inches, and millimeters are just a relatively approximate and easy to remember number.
The nominal diameter (or nominal diameter) of the plastic pipe valve is also known as the average outer diameter. It refers to the size of all plastic pipeline accessories in the pipeline system. The nominal diameter is a convenient round number for reference. The nominal diameter is followed by the letter DN followed by a number sign. DN represents the internal diameter of the plastic pipe in millimeters. For example, DN50 is 50 millimeters. American standard valves are usually expressed in inches, and the number of valves is in inches. Indicates the internal diameter of the pipe, and the conversion formula is 1
The nominal diameter of the plastic pipe valve NPS-NOMINAL PIPE SIZE is not necessarily the same as the diameter of the flow channel. The selection of its size is to calculate the required Cv value from the conditions of the conveying fluid, and then the Cv value (refer to the manufacturer’s catalog) plastic pipe valve standard The nominal diameter of NPS is the nominal inner diameter of the valve diameter. The national standard is expressed in DN and the unit is mm, and the American standard is expressed in inches.