Common faults of pneumatic butterfly valves and their troubleshooting methods

Update:20 Dec 2019

Pneumatic butterfly valve is a commonly used valve in various projects. Each pneumatic butterfly valve produced by our Shanghai Zhongmei Valve will undergo pressure test before leaving the factory. Only qualified pneumatic butterfly valves will be approved for delivery.

Common faults of pneumatic butterfly valve and troubleshooting methods
1. Before installation, confirm that our product performance and media flow direction arrows are consistent with the operating conditions, and insert the valve cavity clean, seals and valve plates are not caught by impurities, and never closed after washing to avoid damage to the seal ring.
2. HGJ54-91 socket-welded steel flange is recommended for the disc flange.
3, the installation position in the best position of the pipeline, the device, but not flipped.
4, the flow needs to be adjusted during use, with worm gear box control. Open and close the disk valve more than twice the time. About two months, the worm opens the cover to check whether the normal butter should keep the right amount of butter.
6, urgent requirements for inspection, this is to ensure a sealed filling, but also to ensure that the flexible valve stem connection part.
7, metal sealed butterfly valve products are not suitable for installation at the pipeline terminal, if it must be installed at the pipeline terminal, equipped with an outlet flange can be taken to prevent ring backlog, too far away.
8, installation response Periodically check the role of the valve, find faults and eliminate them in time.