Comparison of PVC pipes and copper pipes

Update:13 Nov 2020

   When we are decorating, we will need to use enough water and electricity pipes. When purchasing, many customers don’t know which pipe to choose, whether it is PVC pipe or copper pipe. In fact, both types of pipes can be used. Next, we will make a comparison between these two kinds of pipes to see if it is better to choose PVC pipes or copper pipes, and to share with you how to store and install PVC pipes.

Comparison of PVC pipes and copper pipes

 1. Copper pipes are generally connected by brass. Brass is an alloy of copper, zinc and lead, and solder is also used. Common solder is an alloy of lead and tin. These lead and tin metals are very harmful to the human body, especially the intelligence of children.

PVC pipe releases organic matter. The great harm is to provide food for bacteria, but if the tap water is properly disinfected in the water plant and the water plant is not far from the tap, this is not a problem.

2. Although copper pipes are generally used for 50-60 years, there is no problem, but if the local water source is not suitable, the pipe may burst in one year. Under normal circumstances, the life span of PVC is 50-60 years. But PVC cannot be exposed to the sun.

3. If economic conditions permit, local water sources are not particularly corrosive to metals such as copper and lead. Copper pipes are also a good choice, but the technical requirements for installing copper pipes are not good enough. One is that they will corrode soon in the future. Bursting pipes bury hidden dangers, and secondly, they may cause very high heavy metals to be released. Plastic pipes are cheap, easy to install, and have good safety performance. They are also a good choice.

4. The advantages of PVC water pipes have good tensile, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, good chemical resistance, and good water tightness. PVC water pipes are not a source of nutrients, so they will not be corroded by rodents.

  From a long-term point of view, in summary, whether the decoration pipeline is PVC pipe or copper pipe is better, it is recommended that you choose PVC pipe.

How to store and install the PVC pipe

   1. Long-term storage

  Ultraviolet rays can damage PVC pipes and cause them to become brittle. Once installed, the brittle PVC pipe will be easily broken, and the solvent welding bond between the brittle pipe and the PVC joint will not be maintained properly. Another factor to consider when storing PVC pipe is to keep the inside of the pipe clean.

  2, kitchen drain pipe connection

The kitchen drain pipe is connected to the drain pipe under the sink. The drain pipe has a threaded pipe extending below the lock nut. The drain pipe is fixed to the sink sink itself. The drain pipe is screwed to the pipe through the connector to connect the drain pipe, PVC drainage The end of the pipe needs to use solid metal or brass fittings, tighten and tighten the connection to secure the drain pipe.