Developments in China valve market and industry

Update:02 Apr 2020

With the development and change of the valve market and the industry within the end of the fifteenth period, the number of valve shares and private enterprises increased, the level of valve production increased, and the valve output increased significantly. The market complete set rate, complete set level and complete set capacity of the valve have been greatly improved. At present, according to the current status of the valve market, the demand for petrochemical valves during the "11th Five-Year Plan" period is predicted as follows:

During the valve period, the high-temperature valve for ethylene cracking gas in the petrochemical industry is an indispensable valve for the outlet pipeline of a 800,000-ton ethylene plant cracking furnace. Valve companies should consider developing a valve for cracking gas in response to this situation. In addition, large-diameter high-pressure ball valves, large-diameter oil pipeline ball valves, and low-temperature valves for liquefied natural gas have greater demand. The total demand for the general equipment valve industry during the "11th Five-Year Plan" period is expected to be 34.5 billion yuan. In addition, according to the needs of China's national economic development, valve development focuses on the development of new valve products for major projects such as thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, large-scale petrochemicals, oil and gas pipelines, coal liquefaction and metallurgy. While developing the above new products, attention should be paid to the promotion and application of new process technologies, such as the development of new processes of vacuum electron beam welding and shear extrusion when the valves of high-temperature and high-pressure power plants and nuclear power plants use forged welding structures; the development of large diameter pipelines Integral ball valve applies integral welding technology.

Sanhua Co., Ltd. has a total share capital of 113 million shares, tradable shares of 30 million shares, and 24 million tradable shares at an issue price of 7.39 yuan. Sanhua Group, the controlling shareholder of Sanhua Group, is a private enterprise. Zhang Daocai and his sons own a total of 41.5% of Sanhua Group shares.

The main business of Sanhua Co., Ltd. is to provide stop valves, solenoid valves, electronic expansion valves and other products for air conditioners. Sanhua Co., Ltd. has a domestic market share of 32.1% of globe valves, ranking first in the country, with an international market share of 13.6%. The scale advantage enables the company to have a lower unit cost and pricing power for globe valves. The raised funds will be invested in four projects including electronic expansion valve construction, with a total investment of 26.22 million yuan. Upon completion, it is expected to add 315.3 million yuan in sales revenue and 60.01 million yuan in pre-tax profits.

However, analysts believe that in recent years, the domestic refrigeration and air-conditioning manufacturing industry has become increasingly competitive, and the downturn or major adverse changes in the air-conditioning industry will have a negative impact on the company's production and operation. At the same time, air conditioner manufacturers continue to demand upstream product suppliers to improve product quality, and strive to reduce the purchase price of components, which also brings risks to the company's operations.

The main raw materials required for the company's production are copper rods, copper pieces and copper pipes. Raw materials account for a large proportion of the company's product cost composition. If the price of copper continues to rise, it will put greater pressure on the company's costs.