13 Layer High Quality Sand Media Filter Potable Water Filter

Location:China, Zhejiang, Taizhou
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  • Quick Details
    Type:Activated Carbon
    Use:Household Pre-Filtration
    Certification:CB, ce
    Power (W):0
    Voltage (V):0
    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
    Brand Name:WEIKE
    Model Number:water filter cartridge
    Filter media:Natural volcanic stone,germanite, mefanshi pottery granules
    layer filter:13 layer
    Function:treaded water
    13 layer high quality sand media filter water treatment filter

    Used widely in many types water purifier or mineral water pot.
    Our price is very competetive.

    The recommended usage period is 100 days. However, the actual replacement cycle needs to be determined according to the environmental water quality of the installation. If the filter element is replaced over time, the water flow will be blocked and the filtering effect will be reduced.