Introduce the common types of PVC pipes and the meaning of the codes of PVC pipes

Update:12 Dec 2020

There are many types of PVC pipes on the market, and they also have different uses. There are water supply pipes, drainage pipes and threading pipes. Facing the dazzling array of PVC pipes, how should we choose? Learn about the common types of PVC pipes and the meaning of various codes of PVC pipes.

Common types of PVC pipes

PVC has ordinary PVC pipes. Double-wall spiral pipe, double-wall hollow muffler pipe, double-wall spiral hollow muffler pipe, the market rainwater drainage wall thickness is also different.
According to the purpose, it is divided into PVC flame-retardant threading pipe, water supply pipe and drain pipe.
According to varieties, it is divided into PVC-U rigid polyvinyl chloride, PVC-C chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, PVC-M high-resistance, flushing polyvinyl chloride.

The meaning of various codes of PVC pipes

  1, PVC-U is equivalent to UPVC. It is a collective term for rigid PVC pipes.

  2, PVC-P pipe is the representative symbol of soft PVC.

  3. PVC-M improves toughness through modification, and develops various modified polyvinyl chloride piping systems with good impact and crack resistance while maintaining high strength, usually called PVC-M or PVC-A or PVC-HI.

  4. PVC-O is biaxially stretched during the processing of the pipe to orient the molecules to achieve a substantial increase in strength and toughness. Usually called PVC-O or BO-PVC.

  5. MOPVC is the name of molecularly oriented PVC industrial pipes.

  6. PVC-C is a chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe. In addition, in the special code for construction drawings-line laying method, PVC stands for laying with flame-retardant plastic pipe.

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