Plastic valve pipe connection guidance-glue bonding method

Update:30 Oct 2020

1. Plastic pipe cutting: The pipe can be cut with a wheel-shaped plastic pipe cutter, electric saw, or a simple tool such as a saw for cutting plastic pipes with perfect teeth. When cutting with a saw, try to ensure that the pipe is cut vertically and flat. The more vertical the cut, the larger the area of ​​bonding.

2. Deburring of plastic pipe: Use a dehorning tool or file to remove the burrs and filings inside and outside the pipe. It is also recommended to apply appropriate chamfering to make the nozzle easy to enter the hub and reduce the chance of wiping the solvent adhesive on the accessories.

3. Fitting preparation: Wipe off the dust and water on the joints of the pipe and fittings with a clean dry cloth, and check the joints with the fittings. The test insertion depth of the pipe should be 1/3~3/4 of the fitting socket depth.

4. Apply cleaning agent to plastic pipe: when the pipe and fittings are sleeved, the adhesive surface needs to be penetrated and softened with a cleaning agent to improve the solvent bonding effect. Use an application tool or brush about half the diameter of the pipe (do not use rags) ) Apply the cleaning agent evenly on the outer surface of the pipe spigot end and the inner surface of the fitting socket. Large-size pipe fittings should be joined or if necessary, the number and amount of application should be increased to ensure the surface softening effect.

5. Apply solvent adhesive to the pipe: solvent adhesive must be applied after the cleaning agent on the surface of the pipe is completed, and the joint surface must be soaked and softened. The adhesive should be applied with a natural bristle brush of half the diameter of the tube. A thick layer of adhesive should be applied to the outside of the end of the tube, and a medium thickness of adhesive should be applied to the inner surface of the fitting sleeve. Tubes larger than 2 inches should be coated with a second layer of adhesive on the end or relatively increase the number of applications.

6. Plastic pipe combination: After the adhesive is applied, the pipe should be inserted into the fitting and rotated 1/4 turn. The pipe must be in contact with the bottom of the fitting sleeve. The combination should be held for 10 to 15 seconds to ensure the initial joint (for the joint of pipe fittings larger than 6", two people need to work together to hold the joint for about 1 to 3 minutes). The overflow around the joint of the pipe and the fitting should be obvious. If around the socket The overflowing sticky material is not continuous, which means that the applied sticky material is insufficient. If this is the case, it is recommended to discard the accessories and reassemble the joint. Excessive sticky material can be wiped off with a rag.

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